Zoning is the term used for designating permitted uses of certain parcels of land by local governments. The word is self-explanatory: the local government will designate various zones for different uses of land, such as industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential. Zoning is also frequently used to designate the types of buildings that can be erected in a particular area, such as high density housing, high-rises, maximum height restrictions, etc.  In Connecticut, land use and zoning law can be complex, which is why you should consult with our team on any real estate matter.

We have dealt with zoning matters, real estate development matters and environmental issues in an effort to get projects approved.  We deal with communities and the public hearings, and will work hard for our clients to gain approvals for their projects.  So, whether you’re a large developer with real estate or construction needs or a homeowner seeking permits for an addition, our team at Drapp & Jaumann can navigate the processes and settle your matter.