A criminal conviction doesn’t have to follow you through life.  Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves another chance.  At Drapp & Jaumann, we’ll help evaluate whether you’re eligible for a pardon and what type of pardon we should seek. There are three types of pardons.  A Full Pardon, Conditional Pardon and a Certificate of Employability.  When a pardon is granted, it erases a person’s criminal history, which can be useful when that person applies for jobs and moves on with his or her life.

Post-conviction remedies involve claims that legal errors were made during lower court proceedings. We will investigate the circumstances of the sentencing procedure as well as all the relevant documents that could provide a reason to support a modification of an imposed sentence (for example, trial transcripts and exhibits, motions, and rulings).  We’ll seek to identify relevant facts and issues, and research those claims that might provide a basis for judicial relief.  If you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime, don’t lose hope.  Simply call our team today.