Should I talk to DCF?

A DCF investigation is an investigation into whether or not you or your family have neglected or abused a child.  This type of allegation can be difficult, emotional, confusing, insulting, and hurtful.  It also makes it almost impossible for you to be objective.  You are emotionally involved and if you react poorly, you can bet that it will be used against you by DCF.  Inappropriate reactions, emotional outbursts, and being surprised are often viewed by DCF investigators as suggestive that you are hiding something, being uncooperative, or demonstrating your guilt of the allegations against you.  Your demeanor towards DCF employees, your reactions to requests and your responses to questions will be documented by DCF, entered in its internal database, and used against you now and in the future. 

Because of the emotions involved in a DCF investigation, you should hire a lawyer to help you.  When people are scared or worried, they can say or do things that can be viewed or interpreted the wrong way.  DCF and its agents have years and years of experience investigating all sorts of allegations against parents, family members, and domestic or intimate partners.  YOU DO NOT.  That's why hiring an experienced Connecticut DCF lawyer levels the playing field.  An experienced Connecticut DCF lawyer significantly limits DCF’s ability to interpret things the wrong way because your lawyer speaks for you.