If you’re facing an investigation from the Department of Children & Families (referred to as DCF), there are many questions that you may have.  Can they take my kids away?  Do I have to let them into my home?   The stakes are high and you should absolutely consult with one of our attorneys.  We’ll fight and work hard to get the best results for our clients.  Our practice includes matters involving the Department of Children and Families representing parents, grandparents and foster parents. 

Occasionally, kids will run into trouble with the law. Once a child enters the criminal justice system, their proceedings differ from adult proceedings in a number of ways. Because juveniles require special help and have extra rights before the criminal justice system, it’s in your best interest to call Drapp & Jaumann.  We will handle your case properly, to ensure that a delinquent act won’t follow them them into adulthood, risking future opportunities.