Do I need a lawyer if I'm being investigated by DCF?

The simple answer is no.  But it's certainly to your benefit to have a lawyer by your side - one that is familiar with DCF in Connecticut.  

Knowledge of your rights and controlling the flow of information is important in every DCF case, but it is critical in a DCF investigation.  DCF’s goal in their investigation is to get as much information about your life as possible, and it doesn’t matter how private it may be.  They cloak their questions in the name of assessment but really, they want to make sure you are raising your child how DCF’s thinks you should. 

For example:

  • DCF may consider it medical neglect if you ever had to cancel your child’s medical or dental appointment and forgot to reschedule it,  
  • DCF may consider it educational neglect if you allow your child to stay home from school when they were not sick enough to be seen by a doctor, 
  • DCF may consider it physical neglect if you have ever disciplined you child with anything more than an open-handed spank on the buttocks,
  • DCF may consider it emotional neglect if you have yelled at your child
  • DCF may consider it neglect if your child posts something inappropriate on social media,
  • DCF may consider it neglect if ….

The list goes on and on, and early intervention by an attorney can be critical to determining how your case is going to progress.